Monday, July 4, 2011

MILFH slagging a copper off

this weekend was crap, family weddin + me driving, me sober me wanting to throttle someone as i have to sit and listen to my MILFH slag me off in front of everyone, she did fall over, shout
at the bar manager, tried to punch the groom in the face and was told by the police to calm down else they would have to put her in the cells for a while until she calmed down ( shame they didnt lock her up for a few days).
So nothing short of a typical family do, oh apart from i might have now been banned from driving as i was rushing to get home as she was in the back moaning about my driving while SP said nothing, and i didnt realise all the speed camera on the M1, behind the bridges so i was doing 80 for at least 5 miles.
I have been told it takes 14 days to get a court/ticket that will just top my weekend off.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

im back

where did i go? did i get divorced, nope, did the MILFH die off, not likely, she will outlive us all, no i just couldn't remember my password, and was at work last night and remembered it, and they say us women are useless at remembering stuff.

well i have good news i have had a another little girl, cant quite believe it as i didnt want any more, i had enough with 3 kids and a SP but here i am mum to 4!, also the MILFH is moving!! we will no longer live near her, cant quite believe it myself, she still hasnt changed but whats new