Friday, April 17, 2009

Introduction To My World

I have the typical mother in law from hell, she is a control freak and she likes to think she rules the roost, if shes not getting the attention she deserves the makes sure she does something that will make her noticed, and to make it worse i am married to the baby of the family, and the apron strings haven't been cut yet.
There are times that my this woman has tried to finish my marriage and she thinks if push came to shove that my husband would choose her over me, and to be honest i am not sure if shes wrong. It doesn't help that i live VERY close to her, not a wise move on my part but i was promised by my husband that it would be for no more then two years, now 17 years later i am still here.
The things she come's out with can sometimes crack me up , especially when she doesn't mean to.
This blog is about the pain i have to deal with, being married to a Mommy's boy, and a general place where i can slate the woman who gives me so much grief.

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog, it sounds like we have the same mother in law lol