Friday, April 17, 2009

Did You Know That Quorn IS Meat?

We had C3's friend over today, and shes a veggie and so bloody fussy that she lives on ravioli. I cant stand the stuff, and i had a taste, and yes i still cant stand it. Now the MILFH was here sticking her beak in, and saying how bad work was( well retire then, shes loaded but a greedy cow and says she cant live if she doesn't work. Ha! that's a bloody joke), when she asked what it was, so i told her it was vegetarian ravioli.
she asked for a taste so i gave her a bit.
her reaction to it.
yes its nice but there's not much meat in it, i mean they could put a bit more in it.
i told her it was vegetarian ravioli, and she said yes i know but that doesn't mean they have to skimp on the meat.
i told her it wouldn't have any in, but she wouldn't have it, saying she knows what vegeterain means , and it still has meat in it, when i told her did she mean quorn as that isn't mince she got stroppy and said no i mean meat, and of course Quornin meat.
I give up!

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