Saturday, May 9, 2009


OK the blogging has been slow, but i have seriously lost the bloody plot!!!!!
So what was so bad, well the MILFH came over on Saturday, pissed up. I was just sat comfy settling down for a night watching the TV, the kids were quiet and not trying to kill each other, and i was in heaven. Two minutes later the bloody door opens ( i really need to start locking the door ) and in she walks, well i say walk but she had drunk a few gins that night( day) so she was more or less staggering though the door. It was only 7pm and the black cloak of dread came over me,
'Fuck' i thought ' how the hell do i get the silly bitch to piss off home'

Well after a hour of her telling me the same story over and over again ( why do people do that when their pissed up) i had the clever idea - or so i thought, of grabbing the voddie. If anything can help ease the pain of listening to her when shes pissed up is reaching for the bottle.
Now with hindsight this is the worse thing i could do.
Two hours later i am getting slightly gobby the kids have buggered off to bed to watch TV, lucky sods can get out of it, but i was stuck. The SP was not telling her to go home, even though i kept giving him the eye signal, you know that one when your telling your other half a secret message, like make you mother fuck off home!!!, But no he didnt understand, bloody thick git kept pouring her another drink for her and his dad and kept sneaking off outside for a cig, leaving me having to put up with her.
Now i was getting slightly pissed off now and wanted to go to bed, and she wasn't budging. The lottery came on, so i went on the net to check my numbers, fuck all as usual. I don't know why i am so surpised when i dont win.
Now this is when i should have said i was going to bed but i got looking at holidays, i must have been wishing i was away from home or someone, as i said i would love to go to the South Of France on holiday.
Not a good idea, as she said she would love to go abroad but the FIL wouldn't go on his own as he wouldn't drive on the wrong side of the road on his own and she cant read a map.
So gob-a-lot here said - only jokingly like - oh you should go with us one day i would really like that. The sarcasm must have missed her altogether as she said it was a brilliant idea.
the dread started to hit me, as i realised that she meant it and the SP was nodding his head in agreement.

Well i decided that i had had enough to drink and that i was going to bed before i made another colossal mistake that i would regret. I did feel slightly better knowing that they was pissed up and would completely forget anything about it the next day as they never can. I was safe... or so I thought.
However the next morning the SP, went onto their house and kindly reminded them what i had said, and they all thought it was a brilliant idea.
I have tried and tried to get out of it saying all sorts of excuses but to no avail. So today the SP and the MILFH are going to the travel agents. I cant face it, I feel sick and cant believe that we may be going on holiday with the woman i can not stand the most.
My only hope is that because its May, that they will not be any places left as its too late, and we cant afford it as they will want most of the money as it is so close.
I feel sick now, i have a pile of ironing to do, the house is a mess and i have loads if stuff i have to do for work this weekend too, but i cant concentrate, why oh why do i do it?

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