Thursday, May 14, 2009

Battle Of The Wills

The MILFH has been pulling at SP's apron strings and raining him in for a battle of will against me and her. The documents for the holiday came through yesterday and she is not happy and i have got the bloody blame for it, and i wasn't even there when they booked it!

The reason she is causing strife between me and SP is that she hasn't got a nice pitch, and we have, and were not next to each other ( thank GOD for that!!!!!!)

Why I have got blamed for it? I have not a clue, but she is accusing me of ringing up the holiday company and changing the pitches so we are as far apart as possible and i have put her next to the clubhouse where they will be the screaming kids that have been dumped by the parents who are trying to make a run for it and have two hours worth of peace and quiet ( and yes i was one of the parents, bloody bliss it was them two hours - there old enough now to bugger off and have fun without us being there)

Have you ever had a moment when someone is kicking off and all you want to do is smile!!!!

Well that was me. She was screaming and shouting accusing me of everything - which i didn't do, but bloody hell I really should have thought of it, I really should buy the person who did this a drink though, I was having such fun but then she brought SP into it, and she was there asking him to chose who he believed!

He just said he wanted to be kept out of it! The soft bastard, wouldn't even tell her she was wrong and out of order, so now were not talking, well OK I am not talking to him he thinks i should calm down and stop being stupid!!!
Me! how the hell can he say i should calm down, the silly bitch is loving this i can tell!

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