Friday, May 15, 2009

Keeping The Peace

The SP hasn't figured out that i am not talking to him yet, even more so now that i have got to go to FIL birthday do on Saturday night. I would rather watch Eurovision Song Contest than go, but SP says i should go to keep the peace, me keep the peace!!!, when i said it was his mother that was accusing me of things he phoned her up and said to come over, what an arse, he is really pissing me off, and now i have to go to the stupid meal because it is not fair on SP. He said he wont go if i don't, great I'm being black mailed by him and the MILFH says she is sorry, she didn't mean what she said, but can i ring the holiday company back to change it back.

What?!? change it back to what? She really is unbelievable, I told SP when she had gone that i didn't do anything in the first place, his response...

'Just try and move their pitch, you know whats shes like' oh well that's OK then, she can be a bitch and say shes sorry but still think i did it, I really hate her at the moment and the last place i want to go is out for a meal, which we cant afford to go to, and be nice to her as she sits at the top of the table being Queen Bee.

This is one night when I am glad I am driving as I could see me telling her to fuck off, if i had a few voddies down me.
I might pretend to be ill then get out of going, then i can watch shite on TV and not see that smug cow, come to think of it, I do feel a bit off it, cough...cough

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