Monday, May 11, 2009


Things are rapidly spiralling out of control, she came across yesterday with a load of french dictionary's which she had just bought from town.
I asked her why she had so many?
'Because there may be different variations in French depending which part we go to and since were travelling down through France we may need them all, so at least you wont get stuck, when i want you to get me something.'
Yes she really is that slack.
I told her that there might be different accents like there is in this country but in general French is French.
Oh no, she was told by this girl in the bookshop that she really needed them all, so obviously she is right and just wasn't after a large sale.
OK i give up she wont believe me, well its her money.
'I will leave them here' she pushed my work that i had just sorted out nice and neat into a messy pile and put them down.
she must have seen my puzzled face, as i have no idea why i would want them for.
'There for you.... you see i thought between now and August you can read them all every night and learn all them words, then you will be able to speak French when we go'
Bloody Hell, throw me a Japanese dictionary too and i will learn that too.
I did TRY and tell her that i was crap at French at school and i will be able to ask for certain things but no amount of dictionary's will make me fluent in the language.
' Well you really should make an effort these books weren't cheap'
Yes i thought i could have a flick at ONE, if she wants to pay for 6 books when you only need one, then that's her problem, she didn't have to I suppose.
'Besides i am not going to speak to them, so everything i want you will have to ask for me'
Oh i WILL, will I?
I gave her my fuck off smile- the one that she still hasn't got yet- or the one she ignores anyway.
'Well i will leave you to it, you have a lot to get through'
Yes, she has got the hint, I really need to get my work done and the kids will be home soon, the house is still a mess and there's pile of clothes that i found under C1's bed that i need to wash before they crawl out of the house in disgust, with being left stuck together for so long.
'Oh by the way that will be £45 that you owe me, have i to add it onto the money you owe me for the holiday'
I had no idea what she was on about, £45?, i asked
'Yes dear, for the books, its not me that will be using them'
She then smiled and walked out.


  1. Oh you poor thing - Yes she does sound truly hideous. Luckily for me, my parents in law live in France (of all places) I don't gett o see them that often. But my Mother's life was made hell my her Mother in Law who lived just around the corner and was forever turning up on her doorstep unannounced.

    Deep breaths...

  2. OMG I am completely flabbergasted.
    What shite you have to put up with!

  3. That is beyond the pale.

    She must be doing it on purpose to see how much she can get away with.

    You need to tell her straight up that anyone who buys six dictionaries for one language to go on holiday and then expects someone else to pay for them wants their head testing, that's for sure.